Sports Betting 101 – How Many Types Of Bets Are There?

Sport betting is a form of gambling that implies predicting the results of a match and placing a wager on the outcome. A highly popular activity across the globe, sports betting doesn’t represent yet another form of entertainment, but it can be a way of making money consistently. Unlike casino games, it offers an interesting perk: if you are up to date with a certain sports, then you actually have a good chance of making a decent amount of cash.

If you’re new to betting, then chances are you are overwhelmed by all the talk about odds, point spreads or bookies. While it may seem challenging, it is not really that complex as it appears at first glance.

Straight bets

By far the most common, the Straight Bet refers to placing a wager on which team will win the match. Unless indicated otherwise, the odds of these bets are always -110, while the tie games are considered no action. In the latter case, the money will be returned to your account.

Money lines

Even though in Money Lines the team you wagered on must win the match so you can win the bet, the payout is very low. The main difference between Straight Bets and Money Lines is that the latter don’t use point spreads.

Over/under bets

Also known as Total Bets, these wagers permit you to place a wager on the combined scores of both teams. For instance, if the total for a particular match is set at 40 and you think the final score will be under this number, then you should bet Under. In case you think the Total will be over 40, then you should place your wager on the Over.


The parlay allows you to consolidate a group of Straight and Total bets in one final bet. The trick here is that all the individual bets you placed must win to receive the payout; this means that with one single loss in a Parlay, you lost the entire bet. In the event that one of the bets ends up in a draw, then the wager is eliminated and the payout reduced.


Because it implies betting on two or more picks and consolidating them into one wager, the Teaser bet is often confused with the Parlay. However, the differences between them are that the Teaser’s payoff is relatively smaller and that the wager allows you to adjust the spreads in your favor for each bet.

Round Robin bet

The Round Robin bets are actually several Parlay wagers combined into a single play with all possible combinations of two or three team Parlays. As you can imagine, the payoff for this type of bet is exponential. However, given the number of wagers placed, the risk of losing is even higher.

Future bets and propositions

As the name suggests, future bets are wagers you place on the outcome of a sports event that will take place at a further point in the future. The bets are typically placed on annual events such as the winner of a national or international championship.

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